Unlockt: The Simple Solution for Secure File Sharing with Payment Options

Unlockt is a company that provides a simple solution for delivering locked files and charging users to unlock them. Our service is designed to help content creators and individuals share their content and avoid payment defaults when sharing their creations with friends or customers.

With Unlockt, users can easily send locked files and set a payment amount for the recipient to unlock them. The recipient can then securely make the payment and access the files, giving the sender peace of mind that they will receive the compensation they are owed.

Our service is currently available through our app “Unlockt” (available on IOS and Android), and we are working on expanding to desktop platforms. We are committed to providing a secure, user-friendly platform for sending and receiving locked files.

Unlockt takes security and legitimacy seriously. Our platform uses industry-standard encryption to protect users' files and payments, ensuring that your sensitive data is always kept safe. Additionally, our payment processing is handled by reputable, secure payment gateways, so you can trust that your transactions will be handled safely and securely.

Unlockt is registered and operating in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations. We are committed to providing trustworthy, reliable service for our users, and we take all necessary steps to maintain the security and integrity of our platform. With Unlockt, you can trust that your files and payments are always in good hands.

At Unlockt, we believe that everyone should be able to share their work with confidence and receive the payments they are owed. Our service offers a simple, effective solution for managing payment defaults and protecting your income. We are excited to continue improving and expanding our platform to better serve our users.

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