Figuring Out How Much You Might Make With Unlockt

Unlockt: The Top App for Earning Money Online Through File Sharing

No matter what your current financial situation is, the thought of being able to earn extra money through an online app with little to no effort is always appealing. Unlockt, a revolutionary new app, enables you to share large files and earn cash from them with maximum ease. 

People are always in search of money-making apps but there are hardly any authentic apps like that out there and individuals get skeptical of them. This article focuses on one of the top apps to get money in today’s technologically advanced world, Unlockt, and explains how you may be able to benefit from it financially. So, let’s get to it.

Apps That Offer Real Money

Aside from the numerous crypto gaming apps out there, if there is one online app that has proven itself to be authentic and truly useful, it’s Unlockt. With the most amount of ease and useful features, this app has made it to the top of our list. 

It is a file-sharing mobile app where you can transfer large files to someone and they have to pay you to get access to the file or view it. This is particularly useful for freelancers who wish to avoid scams and want to get paid before their client can view their hard work. 

Also, if you’re a student and you make excellent notes that everyone asks for, it’s time to monetize your efforts instead of sharing them for free! With the wallet set up in your account, it has never been easier to receive money from someone to give them access to your file. So, if you’re looking to earn cash online, this app is it.

Factors Determining How Much You Make On Unlockt

While it is true that for someone to get permission to access your file, they have to pay you, it is also important to note that you can only make a good amount of money if a bunch of people is lining up to access your file. In this situation, it is important for you to make your file interesting enough for people to be willing to pay for it. Here’s what you can do:

But in other cases, you have to make people want to view your content enough to pay you if you wish to earn from it.

The type of existing audience you have also played a role in how much you make on this mobile app. If your clients are people you work for or your family and friends who wish to support you in this new money-making endeavor, then you are off to a good start.

However, if you have followers or customers who are lazy classmates trying to reap the fruits of your efforts by revising form your notes for free, it’s time to set boundaries or find a new audience who would be interested enough in your work to pay your set price beforehand to gain access to your file.

Can I Make $100 In One Day? 

That depends on the price you set for every file and the number of customers interested in viewing its contents. If your price was already $120 per file, then you can easily make $100 in one day from just one view only and sometimes even more, but in order for someone to pay you that much, your content has to be worth it and it has to catch the viewer’s attention beforehand. 

But to sum it up, it is possible to make $100 in a day on this app but you have to keep in mind the factors influencing this earning and ensure your work is up to the mark plus your audience is interested enough in its content. 

Maximize Your Earnings with Unlockt

To conclude, you can 100% earn cash from this app very easily and it’s extremely simple to use. However, there is no definite way of telling exactly how much you will make in a certain period of time since a lot of extraneous variables come into play as well. You can, however, get a rough estimate of your earnings based on your set price for your files and the number of people you expect to be willing to pay to gain access to it.

Other than that, there is no doubt that if you’re looking for an easy way to make some side money, Unlockt is the best place to start.

Any question ?
Unlock is free to use ?
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Yes, Unlockt is free to download and install. 

You can then share content with your friends and clients however Unlockt will take 20% commission on the amount of transactions made.

What will be the currency of my sales ?
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Prices appear in the currency you choose during your registration. This currency is directly linked to the country you choose when you created your account. 

When doing a sale, if the currency between the seller (sharing the link) and the downloader (paying for the link) is different, the conversion will be done by the bank of the downloader. Conversion costs may be incurred by the downloader’s bank to carry out the transaction.

To complete transactions, we use a secure and encrypted third-party payment processor.

Furthermore, you may need to confirm your purchase with an additional temporary verification code or SMS code during the billing process.