How Does Unlockt Work?

With the proliferation of cloud-based file-sharing and collaboration services, it has become easier for users to share files. Cloud-based file sharing has been an effective way for content creators to share files with their clients. However, some risks are also associated with file sharing, particularly regarding the potential for fraud, such as payment defaults.

To avoid such troubles, we offer a great solution. Unlockt is a file-sharing application that has the potential to revolutionize data security and remittance fraud.  

This write-up will explore how Unlockt works and why it’s such an important advancement in data security. We will also discuss how an individual can benefit from using it. 

So if you are interested in learning more about Unlockt and its amazing features, read on!

What is Unlockt?

Unlockt is a file-sharing service that allows users to share locked files with others via a simple link. Moreover, users can have several advantages, such as earning and having a secure platform to sell the files.

The service is designed to work with various file types, including PDFs, documents, videos, and images. Unlockt also offers several security features, including allowing downloaders to open files as per the user’s opted settings.

It allows content creators to share their work with customers without worrying about getting scammed.

How does Unlockt work?

Unlockt works in the following simple manner: 

Starting on Unlockt

To get started on Unlockt, you’ve to follow the simple steps mentioned below:

  1. Download the mobile application of Unlockt on the app store or google play.
  2. Sign up by adding your information, such as your name, email address, and preferred currency.
  3. The next step is to verify your identity; for this, you’ve to add your ID card photos and your selfie.
  4. Once your photos are processed, and biometrics are verified, Unlockt will require details such as legal name, email address, home address, and phone number.
  5. Unlockt will take you to the review, where you can agree to the terms and submit your information.
  6. You can also add your bank information to receive the payments later. The amount might take a few days to come into your bank account. 
  7. You’re all good to upload files and share them.

Unlockt Charges

There are 20% commission charges on the unlockt file sharing application. It means that for every $1 you earn, the app will take 20 cents as a commission. It can add up to a significant amount of money if you're a high-earner on the platform.

The commission covers the app's operational costs, including server fees, customer support, and platform maintenance. The app also takes a small profit to reinvest in the business. 

The commission rates are generally fair and comparable to other file-sharing applications and software. 

Privacy and Setting

In terms of privacy, unlockt is an efficient application. The app provides end-to-end data encryption, so only the intended recipients can access them. 

You can set the privacy settings per your choice by selecting how many times you want your file to be viewed. Before generating the link, you can select between creating a single link or multiple links. A single link can allow the downloader to unlock the link and view the file for once. However, multiple links can allow the downloader to unlock the link as often as you allow them.

Payment Methods

Unlockt also gives downloaders several options to make payments with ease. Downloaders can pay to reveal the files via MasterCard, visa, American express, apple pay, union pay, or google pay.

The Benefits of Using Unlockt

Unlockt offers several advantages over other file-sharing services, including

1. Security: When you share a locked file using Unlockt, the recipient can only reveal the file if they pay the amount set by the sender. 

2. Convenience: Unlockt is a convenient way to share files with others. You can share files through a QR code or link through email or social media applications like Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, or Facebook

3. Accessibility: Unlockt allows you to share files with anyone, regardless of their location. All you need is an internet connection and the Unlockt application.

4. Cost-Effective: Unlockt is an affordable way to share files with others. There are no monthly fees or subscription charges. 


Unlockt is a great way to securely share important documents and files without worrying about security breaches and payment defaults. 

Furthermore, the application also offers an intuitive user interface, making it easy for anyone to use. With its simple user interface and robust features, Unlockt makes it easy for anyone to safely share their confidential information with others without any risk or hassle.

It allows you to sign up to share data easily, set how many times you want your link to be viewed, and get payments.

So next time you need to share something with someone else, remember Unlockt, it's the perfect solution!

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