Reduce your efforts to Monetize : Make Unlockt your new go-to 


In the digital age, content is king. But for content creators, the real challenge isn't just creating engaging content; it's monetizing it effectively. This is where Unlockt steps in - a new service available on the app store designed to turn your creativity into income. Whether you are a budding photographer, a digital artist, or a social media influencer, Unlockt will offer you a seamless way to sell your digital content directly to your audience on any social media platforms.

Understanding Unlockt

Unlockt is more than just an app; it's a gateway to financial independence for content creators. The main feature of the app allows you to import media, set a price, and generate a link for sharing on social media. The magic happens right after you share the media, which is when followers click your link: they're greeted with a blurred preview of your content. To see it in full glory, they simply pay the set price – no account creation needed. This streamlined process is a game-changer in how digital content is sold but also, how it’s purchased and consumed.

Benefits of Using Unlockt

We wished to make a product tailored for the modern content creator. It's secure, ensuring that transactions are safe and your earnings land directly in your bank account. For young, ambitious creators, we strive to be an empowering tool. It's not just about selling photos and videos; it's about valuing yourself, your creativity and establishing a sustainable income stream.

How Unlockt Empowers Content Creators

Imagine this: You've spent hours creating a stunning digital artwork. With Unlockt, you can share it with your followers, who can now appreciate and purchase your work easily. Or perhaps you're a travel blogger with exclusive video content from your latest adventure. Unlockt helps you monetize these experiences because your efforts and creativity is enough to make a living

Step-by-Step Guide to Using Unlockt

Getting started with Unlockt is a breeze. First, download the app and create your account. Once you're in, upload your chosen media and set your price. The app then generates a shareable link. Post this link on your social media channels, make sure to tease your media prior to that to maximise sales. When your followers click the link, that’s where the magic happens: you audience has access to a blurred version of your media with the unlocking price you fix. In a few simple clicks, apple pay or entering card information and they have access to your exclusive content, while you earn from each sale.


Ready to transform your creative passion into profit? Download Unlockt today and make your first sale! It's time to make your talent profitable and step into the world of financial freedom. You can download Unlockt directly from your favorite App Store. 

We are more than an app; we’re a movement towards empowering content creators. We believe your creativity is worth money and wish to offer you a secure, straightforward path to monetize it because it deserves more than just likes and shares; it deserves to be valued. Unlockt is here to make that happen.

Any question ?
How can beginners make money on Unlockt?
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As a beginner with a lesser reach, you can enter this market by sharing your files at a lower price and asking your friends and family to support you. As your account grows with time, you can start charging more for sharing your content with others.

How do I start earning on Unlockt ?
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To start earning on Unlockt, please do the following:

  • Add your bank account that is in your own name
  • The bank account should be in the same country as the country that issued the verified photo ID of the Creator. As an alternate payout method, you can add a verified e-wallet
  • Complete your W-9 form (for US Creators)
  • Make sure your account is verified
  • Make sure you have set your files prices

Note: You may be unable to set a file price until your account has been verified.

What am I allowed to sell with Unlockt?
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At Unlockt, we want you to have the freedom to sell your files with confidence. However, to ensure a safe and respectful experience for everyone, there are certain guidelines to follow. Here's an overview of what you can and cannot sell with Unlockt:

Can I sell sexual or pornographic content with Unlockt?
No, it is strictly forbidden to sell or distribute any sexual or pornographic content on Unlockt.

Can I sell any type of file with Unlockt?
Yes, you can sell any type of file as long as it does not violate our terms of use.

Can I sell content that might infringe on someone else's intellectual property rights?
No. It is prohibited to sell content that could defame or infringe on the rights of anyone, including intellectual property rights such as patents, trademarks, trade secrets, copyrights, or other exclusive rights.

Can I sell content that could be considered discriminatory or hateful?
No. You cannot sell content that encourages, supports, or incites violence, dangerous acts, or discrimination against individuals or groups based on criteria such as race, ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, nationality, political affiliation, or sexual orientation/identity.

Is it possible to sell illicit content?
No, it is forbidden to use Unlockt to post or distribute any illicit content.

What about computer viruses or malicious programs?
It is strictly forbidden to sell or distribute any file containing computer viruses, worms, Trojans, or any other malicious program.

In summary: At Unlockt, you can sell a wide variety of files, but we ask our users to follow an ethical and legal approach. Always ensure you respect the rights of others and do not share harmful or inappropriate content.

Unlock is free to use ?
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Yes, Unlockt is free to download and install. 

You can then share content with your friends and clients however Unlockt will take 20% commission on the amount of transactions made.